Confronting Corporate Mirages, Visioning and Winning from the Ground Up

In November 2022, attention once again landed on Las Vegas as the last midterms ballots were counted, and the Democratic control of the Senate was saved by mere votes in Nevada. This victory came from a massive union-led grassroots campaign and other progressive 501(c)(4)s not just speaking squarely to what issues working class or people of color residents face – chief among them rising rents – but also who benefitted from such inequality, including Wall Street dominated real estate. But escaping notice were the ways that trust in worker-led organizations and grassroots groups knocking doors came from longer fights at the front lines to confront elite power, realize progressive policy, and build mutual support far beyond the election cycles.

The opportunity for funders to listen, learn, collaborate and win with movements is even more clear – and makes Vegas a place where the terms of a shared urban future is being redefined from mirages of prosperity to concrete infrastructures of care and collaborative power.

Local funders and grassroots groups